The Ether Agency Series

Book 1: Behind a Smiling Face


That one word turned Silver Gray’s life upside down.

One moment, she was a normal Agency citizen, completing her mandatory education, hanging out with her friends, and dreaming of her glorious future as a valued member of society. The next moment, she had no glorious future. She had no hope of further education. She had no friends. She was an inferior.

Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, Silver Gray is assigned a job on a government research station. Could it be possible she, a worthless inferior, has actually found a place in the galaxy? Sure, the job doesn’t pay, but it offers a place to live, which is better than homelessness and starvation. And, despite the darkness she senses hanging over the station, Silver cannot resist the excitement of new potential friends. For the first time since being designated an inferior, she is not alone.

“Remember, I’m always here for you, Silver.” The station director runs her hand through Silver’s hair, the shiny red polish on her nails reflecting the harsh light from the ceiling.  She wraps a lock of Silver’s hair around her finger, smiles—and yanks.

Book 2: Fatal Compassion


How much will Silver Gray sacrifice to keep it?

Despite joining the local Unseen faction, Silver doesn’t want to fight. She doesn’t even want to be a part of the Unseen. While Darken trains in the combat squadron and Amber becomes close friends with the Unseen leaders, Silver Gray battles with lingering allegiance to the Ether Agency. Can she support a group her government classifies as a terrorist organization?

However, when the Unseen offers her the chance to peacefully protest the inhumane treatment of inferiors, she agrees.  Silver and her friends head out to the city of Random Hill to walk the sidewalks, waving signs pleading for the lives of the vulnerable.

Except, peaceful protests don’t always remain peaceful.

Teargas fills the air and a child begins to wail. Silver squints her stinging eyes open. She sees a little girl standing alone in front of the crowd, rubbing her face and screaming. Policemen raise their weapons…

Book 3: The Unseen Ether


It was everywhere.

Violence roams the streets of every city in the Agency. It streams through the cold vacuum of space, jumps from planet to planet. It crawls the galactic internet, leaks through the firewalls, collects in the comment section. Violence is spreading.  Silver Gray and her friends work to stop that spread before it becomes too late.

Their peace efforts will only land them in the crosshairs of the conflict. Betrayed and arrested, beaten and dragged across the galaxy, they will be forced to face both the violence of the present and the voices of the past still screaming for vengeance.

They also must face the violence in themselves.

“I’ll cut open your throat and draw a smiley face with your blood,” Darken said. “With eyebrows. A bright red smiley.” He drew his lips back, baring his teeth. “I’ll draw it on the floor above your head, and I will enjoy every moment of it.