• Meet My Art at the Artful Abode
    I’m excited to share that I now have some of my art available at the Artful Abode in Lebanon, TN! The Artful Abode is probably my favorite shop on the square, and now it’s fun to be able to see my work there when I walk in. I would absolutely recommend checking it out, not only to see my art (although of course I’d be very happy if you went for that reason) but also for all the cool things by other artists you can find there, from handmade mugs to jewelry to wooden cutting boards. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share some of the artwork I’ve created and look forward to seeing where things go next! Now, let’s look at my art… Needle felted horse and zebra. The horse is made from Jacob sheep wool and the zebra from Angora goat mohair. Two handwoven scarves, one with needle felted flowers. Ah yes, I must share Lenore and I’s toaster book, complete with original illustrations of course. Finally, here’s a look at the pen and ink art for the prints I made.
  • One Last Time!
    I won first place in my age category with this drawing! Sadly, this was the last time I’ll be able to enter in the Tennessee Magazine’s artwork contest, because I have aged out. However, I’m super happy to be chosen again, and wanted to share! (Click here to see my art on the Tennessee Magazine website and take a look at the other winning entries.) This is the photo I took my inspiration from: I took the photo at a military base in VA and thought it would make a pretty cool drawing!