Writer: I began writing at nine years of age. When I was fourteen, I finished my first book, the 63,000 word fantasy novel Doen Fellgul. Since then, I’ve written several other books, mostly in the science fiction genre. I also enjoy writing short fiction, and have entered (and won) a few short story contests. I began writing at nine years of age, and I haven’t stopped since.

Artist: While it takes first place, writing isn’t my only hobby. I love making art. This usually means drawing or painting, but I’ve also enjoyed less common art forms, like needle felting. Recently, I’ve taken an interest in photography as well.

Human: I am, in fact, human. I also enjoy learning about humans in general, hence why I majored in psychology in college. Humans are fascinating, and the more I learn about them, the more I will be able to make my book characters come to life.