The suns were setting in the east.

Where else would they have been setting? But, I suppose I must say that, because others always say it in their books. Although, there are some who live on rather unreasonable places where their suns do not set in the east, or that only have one sun, or even more than two suns. Not that my story would ever get there in a millennium, or so much as leave my world at all. But, just to be clear, the suns were setting in the east…

Thus begins Doen Fellgul, my very first book. Well, my first book that I completed. I did work on another series before this book, but a grave tragedy halted my completion of that series; the device I was using broke. I lost all my work. It probably amounted to merely 10,000 words or so, but it was devastating.

So, I started writing Doen Fellgul.

At the time, I was more of a fantasy fan than I am now, so the story was more fantasy than science fiction. I was also only fourteen when I wrote this book, so the plot and characters are a bit less developed than they would be had I written the book now.

Jynia Saruo is the second eldest of nine children. Or was, until the rest of her family disappears. She gets an idea one afternoon while watching the setting suns, and saddles up her zebra to go on a quest to find her missing family members.

She teams up with a man named Jenigul, as well as the exiled Emperor Dundhe, who have their own reasons for helping her.

Sun-Wolf: The light-loving wolf of the planet Betth

While Jynia survives fearsome encounters with Sun Wolves and Null Deer–fanged, carnivorous deer–her brother, Edzac Saruo, fends off attacks from the infamous Red Sorcerer himself.

All the while, none of them realize the stunning tie they have to the Red Sorcerer’s secondhand man, Commander Yackle Orkned.

I may eventually post this book to the blog part of this website through installments. We shall see. I did write it when I was fourteen though, and have now moved on to other things–mainly things with more pronounceable character names.